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Image by Hannah Busing

Support for Whānau (family) 

Our free services are offered face to face, or over the phone.

We are here to support you with not only helping care for your loved one, but also caring for yourself.

Whānau Support

It can be a stressful and overwhelming time for whānau and we are here to support you.

We offer ...

  • Someone to talk to and be there for you. Online meetings if that is 
    your preference.

  • An environment where whānau voices are heard, and for whānau to be involved in their loved ones' care.

  • Guidance with navigating the Mental Health System. How to access community mental health support and other community services. 

  • Education and resources about what is going on for your loved one.

  • Practical tools to help connect whānau together, including learning to have boundaries.

  • Liaison with Mental Health and Addiction services and Community Services.

  • Support with prioritising your self-care and wellbeing. 

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